We carry out not only trucking, but also complete preparation of cargo for shipment: a package of accompanying documents for cargo, insurance registration, acceptance and loading of containers and, of course, warehousing and storage of goods.

We own warehouse hangars of various types for any cargo. Oversized cargo is stored in warehouses with an addressable storage system, after which they are completed in prefabricated containers or pallets. This is beneficial if it comes to small premises. Transportation of pallets is carried out in compliance with the necessary precautions. We label the product and know exactly how to handle it, whether it is the transportation of equipment, loose materials or fragile glass products.

Transportation of fruits, vegetables and food requires special storage conditions, taking into account the expiration dates, maintaining the necessary temperature regime.

We are ready to provide all these conditions. Even if your goal is transportation of medical equipment, nuclear generators, fuel, crushed stone or sand, we have in our warehouses a place and environment for storing these uneasy cargoes.

Our premises for temporary storage of type A are equipped with refrigerators, fiber optic communication, ventilation systems, alarm systems and an internal branch of railway transportation. Thanks to this, the transportation of fruits, vegetables, non-food products and equipment is not inferior to the world standards for storage of goods for transportation from Europe to the CIS.

We are ready to help if you do not have the conditions for storing certain products or you need to urgently vacate warehouses for new lots of goods. In this case, transportation of equipment and products to the warehouse by our transport is possible.

Most often, it's car transportation, but customers order for this and transportation of the railway - for example, if you need to send a consignment of goods to the city of the customer. If you want, you can deliver oversized cargo to the warehouse yourself.

Customers leave their goods in our warehouses, where they are waiting for delivery to the buyer or sorting for subsequent air transportation or in any other way. Possible warehousing and freight forwarding and abroad for further transportation from Europe to the CIS.

Naturally, we are ready not only to store, but also to deliver the goods.

Our main services:

  • Transportation of cars and railway transportation. Advantageous for small parcels.
  • Transportation of air - on the country, to the near abroad, Europe and the western hemisphere.
  • Transportation by sea and river transport in Russia and CIS countries.

The company also organizes sea transportation to the USA, Australia and Europe, shipping from the USA to the CIS and Europe. To clarify the nuances of cargo transportation and storage of your property, please contact us by phone or order a call.

Before choosing the type of cargo transportation necessary, it is necessary to evaluate everything (cargo cost, distance) and only then make a decision.