Sea transportation



Sea transportation

Cabotage transport has many directions, each of which has its own peculiarities. Before the cargo is issued, the manager must calculate the distance from which the total cost of the service is formed. Oversized cargo is more difficult to calculate, sometimes they are combined with others, forming consolidated cargo. Shipping in the US also has its own characteristics. For example, if you order transportation on the ocean in two directions at once, you can use an additional discount.

Today, freight transport covers several types of different services aimed at different channels of cargo transportation, including air, sea, rail and car transportation. For long distances, it is mandatory to provide customs escort. This is a guarantee that the goods will be delivered on time.

According to the rules of cargo transportation, there are special requirements for the transportation of goods of different sizes. For example, the whole cargo without exception must be completed, hermetically packed and fixed, especially if transportation of medical equipment is carried out, as well as transportation of fruits and vegetables.

Transportation from Europe to the CIS

Some of the most popular types of transportation are those that are carried out by land transport. The most popular types of cargo in this direction: transportation of equipment, including medical equipment, small parcels.

Transportation of pallets

This is one of the most popular ways of transporting bulk consignments. Non-repeatable pallets are most often used in international transport.

There is a regularity: the more the pallet is sent to one address, the lower the price of transportation of one pallet.

This type of transportation is suitable for large manufacturing companies, wholesale buyers.

An important point: all fixing means for oversized and oversized cargo on pallets must ensure 100% of the total safety of the pallet most used for transportation when transported by all types of freight transport.

Before choosing the type of cargo transportation necessary, it is necessary to evaluate everything (cargo cost, distance) and only then make a decision.