Railway transportation


RAilway transportation

Oversized cargo is most conveniently sent by rail. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, sorting stations and railways exist in any part of the country and the near abroad. This allows you to reliably and quickly deliver the goods to your destination.

This method is suitable if you need transportation of fruits, vegetables and food, building materials, wood and industrial equipment.

Sea and air transportation are more expensive than on trucks and in wagons - due to the specifics of transport. Therefore, it is more advantageous to transport small lots of goods or parcels by rail.

Many prefer to transport small parcels of car transportation. This method of delivery is less speedy than air transportation, but much cheaper. Therefore, they choose it - I want the transportation of equipment of small size to cost at a minimum cost. We also render such a service, and it is in demand along with the transportation of the railway.

If necessary, transportation from Europe to the CIS is possible. We also have water transport and regularly carry out sea transport from the USA to the CIS and Europe for legal entities. Transportation by sea is suitable for transportation of bulky goods for export, delivery of goods and special industrial equipment (generators, building materials, etc.).

The company carries out transportation of large and small-sized cargoes all over the world. We can order car, sea and rail transportation. The specialists of the transport company provide escort and security of the trusted cargo throughout the entire transportation process.


At the stage of cargo preparation for shipment and in the process of forwarding the company is guaranteed:

  • assistance in registration of insurance and other necessary documentation;
  • accurate equipment and storage of goods in a modern dry and clean warehouse;
  • high-quality loading by experienced workers using special equipment;
  • careful transportation of pallets and containers to the destination.

We deliver goods to the addressee quickly and intact. Our specialists have repeatedly transported medical equipment and expensive goods. And we have a lot of experience in organizing complex shipments, including the sea in the USA.

To clarify the cost of services and other details, call or leave a request for advice.