Land freight


LAnd freight

In the market of transport services, the most demanded are trucking, as they allow you to deliver cargo directly to the buyer's door. In addition, auto transport does not need to create a special timetable for traffic and its strict observance, as it does on the railway transport. The cargo also does not need to be constantly overhauled at each station. All auto transportation is characterized by a high level of reliability and prompt delivery. As a result, most of the expensive and valuable goods are transported in this way.

Tariffs for transportation may vary significantly. When calculating the cost of transportation services, a variety of factors are taken into account:

  • delivery terms;
  • distance from the warehouse to the destination;
  • provision of additional services;
  • load-carrying capacity of the car and others.

Our company carries out auto transportation of any kind of cargo throughout Europe and many Asian countries. The main directions of transportation:

  • Europe - the CIS;
  • Europe - Europe;
  • CIS - the countries of the East - Afghanistan, Mongolia, Turkey, Iran.

We have our own vehicle fleet and set flexible prices for transportation services for the delivery of goods. This can not be done on any other mode of transport, where there are fixed rates for customer service.

Our auto transportation assumes the availability of a full range of services for the delivery of goods:

  • motor transport and special equipment of any kind and carrying capacity;
  • compilation of an individual route for vehicle movement;
  • service for tracking the location of the goods. For this, a modern GPS-navigation system is used;
  • auto transport in our company also assume product insurance. For this we involve the most reliable and trusted insurance companies;
  • provision of additional services. These include unpacking the goods at the destination, loading, unloading, and others.

Now the transportation of goods can be quite inexpensive, if you order a service for the delivery of goods together with other customers. In this case, it is sent as part of one batch and all expenses can be divided equally among customers. This is especially advantageous if you need to send piece production to another region of the country.

To transport the goods successfully, we will have to work all the staff of our company. In many ways, the efficiency and reliability of delivery depends on the drivers. Our company employs only professional drivers with long experience and work experience. Therefore, the transportation of goods always takes place within a clearly planned timeframe and without the slightest problems. Our specialists will always find a way out even from the most difficult traffic situation.

 In many cases, the carriage of goods by road is required at the beginning or end of the route. Thanks to our services, all the important centers of Europe and Asia are united into one single network. Our company carries out the carriage of bulk or bulk cargo, as well as perishable and dangerous goods. Ground transportation is performed at the highest level, corresponding to transportation of world class.
Our services include:

  • Cargo collection.
  • Synchronous positioning of loading units.
  • Ground transportation of goods.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Transportation of heavy, project and oversized cargo.
  • Transportation of personal belongings and household items.
  • ПTransportation of perishable and dangerous goods.
  • Procurement and distribution.
  • Domestic freight traffic.
  • Additional services.
  • International transportation of personal belongings.
  • Tracking of goods through the global positioning system.

Ground transportation is often ordered when moving to another apartment. Often, clients require international cargo transportation, including personal belongings. Our company professionally performs this work. At the request of the client, the shipment can be delivered directly to the door of the apartment or office. Ground transportation also implies its delivery to a certain destination. When moving to another country, a variety of problems can arise. They are associated with a misunderstanding of another's language, incomprehensible traditions of the country and its laws. Other difficulties may also arise, for example, with the execution of documents at the border. Ground transportation abroad in our company will not bring any worries to the owner of the property. Our specialists will undertake customs export-import clearance of cargo, so when crossing the border there will be no problems.

If you need to transport bulk cargo to another country, you will have to travel very long distances. This requires reliable packing of cargo and compliance with all rules of transportation.
They are as follows:

  • The load can not protrude beyond the sides of the car;
  • bulk goods must be covered with special material;
  • it is necessary to use special containers for the carriage of bulk cargo;
  • The best option for moving such cargo will be containers.

Compliance with these rules will save the cargo in full and prevent large losses of the company. In addition, the transport of loose goods without observing the rules of transportation can lead to their dispersal and emergency on the road. Often, incorrect transportation of bulk goods leads to damage to the vehicle. Our company understands all responsibility for non-compliance with the rules for the carriage of such goods, therefore, it takes the necessary measures to prevent emergencies. All international shipments of bulk goods are carried out only after careful packing.

To deliver objects that are larger than standard sizes, special low platforms are used. This platform is used for transportation of oversized cargo:

  • pipe;
  • reinforced concrete slabs;
  • saw-timbers;
  • metal structures;
  • transformers;
  • construction equipment.

At the same time, the platform for transportation of oversized cargo is very convenient to use and allows you to significantly save money. Due to the openness on all sides, it is easy to carry out loading and unloading of goods. Also, the platform for the transportation of oversized cargo is distinguished by good traffic, which creates freedom in choosing the route.

In many cases, a platform is needed to transport containers. Our company also offers such projects for the movement of goods at any distance. Any platform for transportation of containers allows to use for their loading various special equipment, in particular, reach stackers - container loaders. This is due to the large size of the site. Also, the platform for the transport of containers has all the necessary fixing devices: tie straps, struts, ropes and conics.

When transporting bulk cargo, a variety of difficulties arise, as they are in liquid form and without packaging. In this case, special tanks are used for the carriage of bulk cargo. This method of transportation is considered the most economical and safe. Now you can choose any tank for the carriage of liquid cargo of different types. They allow you to keep a certain temperature inside and can refuel directly at the consumer.

In this case, tanks for the carriage of bulk cargo can deliver them "from door to door", which eliminates the need for storage products. The advantage of this delivery is also that it is implemented immediately after the processing of the application.