Air transportation




It happens that you urgently need to use the services of trucking. The fastest and most qualitative way to accomplish this task will be air transportation, as compared to other types of transportation, they are certainly leading. Thanks to air transportation, cargo or small parcel is not stored in intermediate warehouses in large transport hubs.

At the same time, there are no big problems with loading and taking on board what you want to send: the procedure is as simple as possible, does not require large material and time costs. The probability that your cargo is not enough on board the seat is excluded: the flights are regular, there will always be a suitable time for dispatch, convenient for both the airline and the client.

Our company cooperates with a lot of organizations of simplified payment: you can use any payment system at a convenient time.

The cost is considered in each case is unique, because it depends on the weight of your cargo, package dimensions, total size and contents. It is advisable to provide this information in advance. There are also some requirements for packaging: compact, durable, lightweight packaging is welcomed and greatly facilitates the task of transportation. The size of the parcel is relevant for calculating the transportation price.

It is desirable to supply an urgent cargo with all necessary accompanying documents. It is possible to specify in advance and book a specific mass, date and flight. Oversized cargo, small parcel can be addressed to a firm or an individual. Be sure to provide detailed information on the recipient.

If the parcel is in high-quality packaging, has all the necessary papers, it is brought in advance, then we will deliver it to the place of departure ourselves, we will bring it on board without your participation.

Or you can drop a parcel to the airport by yourself, and we will provide a turnkey service. This means that you will not have to worry yourself, follow the standards of all papers, make out the reservation, and queue up. This we will do.

With the sending of small packages is even easier. If you are near the metro, then if you have free time, we will take the parcel to the address. You can drop it directly to the airport of departure. Time of registration - 20 minutes. That is, drove, given a parcel, paid for and can immediately leave.

In addition, we are assisted by various courier services, delivery services, so do not worry that the recipient will not be able to pick up his parcel himself: we will help in all possible ways to deliver the goods quickly and efficiently to the right hands.

The main advantage over auto, rail and sea transportation is in efficiency and simplicity.

We also carry out transportation from Europe to the CIS and the USA, transportation of pallets, medical equipment, fruits, vegetables, equipment.