The largest container ship in the world «HMM Algeciras» 23756 TEU.

How container shipping works?

Depending on the dimensions of your cargo, we provide: twenty-, forty-, forty-five-foot containers. Sending is possible from any point where there is a road and rail connection. You can calculate the preliminary cost and see the cities available for container transportation in the rates below. Leave a request on the site. The manager will contact you and calculate the cost of transportation, taking into account the characteristics of your cargo. F&T specialists can offer you additional services for loading and packing cargo, as well as container insulation

There are 4 main types of transportation.

“Warehouse – Warehouse”.
We deliver the container to your warehouse for loading and transport the container to the recipient’s warehouse at the final destination.

“Warehouse – Station”.
We deliver the container for loading to your warehouse and take it to the destination station, where the consignee himself picks up the container with the cargo and organizes further delivery.

“Station – Station”.
The sender independently brings the cargo to the station, where the items are loaded into the container. Then we make the shipment to the station, where the consignee independently organizes the unloading or removal of the container to the desired warehouse.

“Station – Warehouse”.
We pick up the container from the station and, in agreement with the consignee, arrange delivery to the warehouse by the appointed time for unloading the cargo.

The key advantage of groupage transportation by container is the financial benefit. The container is loaded in several shipments, in which case the shipping cost is considered to be the total for all shipments in the container. The sender does not pay for an empty space, and the price of delivery of a single parcel is lower. Groupage delivery allows you to save not only money, but also time. Motor transport follows strictly on schedule and groupage cargo can always be sent promptly.

Also, the advantages include high carrying capacity (up to 26 tons of cargo), mobility (delivery to anywhere in the world), universal packaging for transportation, protection of cargo from all environmental influences.

Transportation of WindMill parts

With wind turbines becoming so large, it’s crucial to have direct access to the seaway, which is something we offer. We are also leaders in test facilities for wind turbine blades and have access to a breadth of knowledge through our collaboration, one of the most prominent research institutions in the field of wind and wind energy. Our technology  makes us attractive to an industry characterized by product development and producing efficient, more sustainable wind turbines of the future.

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