In the market of transport services, the most demanded are road cargo transportation, as they allow you to deliver the goods directly to the door of the buyer. All auto transportation are characterized by a high level of reliability and prompt delivery.

Shipping rates may vary significantly. When calculating the cost of transport services, a variety of factors are taken into account:

  • delivery times;
  • distance from warehouse to destination;
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Additional services (EX1, T1, INSURANCE)
  • Loading and unloading
  • Packaging

Our company carries out road transportation of any kind of cargo throughout Europe and many countries. The main directions of transportation:

  • Europe – Europe,
  • Europe – Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan;
  • Europe – Ukraine;
  • CIS – countries of the East – Afghanistan, Mongolia, Turkey, Iran.

We have our own fleet of vehicles and set flexible prices for transport services for the delivery of goods. This cannot be done on any other mode of transport where there are fixed rates for customer service. Our auto transportation suggests a full range of cargo delivery services:

  • vehicles and special equipment of any kind and carrying capacity;
  • drawing up an individual route for the movement of the car;
  • service for tracking the location of the cargo. For this, a modern GPS navigation system is used;
  • auto transportation our company also provides insurance for the goods. To do this, we involve the most reliable and trusted insurance companies;
  • providing additional services. These include unpacking the cargo at the destination, loading it, unloading it, and others.

Now transportation of goods can be quite inexpensive if you order a delivery service with other customers. In this case, it is sent as part of one batch and all costs can be divided equally between customers. This is especially beneficial if you need to send piece products to another region of the country. In many ways, the efficiency and reliability of delivery depends on the drivers. Our company employs only professional drivers with extensive experience and experience. Therefore,  transportation of goods always takes place on a clearly scheduled time and without the slightest problem. Our specialists will always find a way out of even the most difficult situation.

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